Countries with a culture of innovation often have competitive economies. According to the Global Innovation Index 2017, the 10 most innovative countries in the world are Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, United States of America, United Kingdom, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Germany, and Ireland—in that order. With their culture innovation, these countries’ economies are also competitive, securing more productive and happier lives for most of their people and businesses.

Nigeria is not harnessing innovation for global competitiveness. Nigeria’s rankings on the Global Innovation Index for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017 indicate that Nigeria is either not innovating or not innovating enough, given its huge population. Nigeria has consequently remained at the bottom the index. In 2015, Nigeria was ranked 128 out of 141 countries with 23.7% scorecard. In 2016, Nigeria was ranked 114 out of 128 countries with 23.1%. And in 2017, Nigeria is ranked 119 out of 127 countries with 21.9%. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria is ranked 18th, suggesting that even the rest of Africa is not innovating enough.

This is where GreenWhiteGreen Initiative comes in. GreenWhiteGreen Initiative focuses on making homegrown innovations thrive by helping Nigerian innovators get the support they need to grow their innovations and thrive. An initiative of Infusion Lawyers—your partner in innovation—GreenWhiteGreen Initiative is inspired by the need to help innovators succeed. Through innovation, Nigeria will be able to stimulate entrepreneurial growth, create opportunities for her people, and generate wealth not only for Nigerian innovators but also for the country as well.


GreenWhiteGreen Initiative will feed innovation, thus boosting Nigeria’s intellectual property assets.

GreenWhiteGreen Initiative will support homegrown innovations to boost Nigeria’s intellectual property assets. For the Federal Government’s present Made in Nigeria campaign to really work, innovation is critical. This is why Made in Nigeria must not remain a mantra, but be made to thrive, making Nigeria more productive and consequently more competitive. With a genuine Made in Nigeria campaign that truly supports homegrown innovations from ideation to product development and product development to commercialization, innovation will flourish and consequently Nigeria’s IP assets will significantly increase.

When Nigeria’s IP increases, it will become its wealth. As far as Nigeria’s IP remains poor, its wealth will remain limited to tangible and limited resources—her economy will be at the mercy of advanced economies and her future will be insecure.

Without innovation, Nigeria’s IP will either remain poor or hardly exist. Innovation feeds IP. GreenWhiteGreen Initiative will feed innovation.


What GreenWhiteGreen Initiative Will Do for Innovators in Nigeria

To ensure that innovations thrive in Nigeria, GreenWhiteGreen Initiative will:

  1. help identify homegrown innovations in the country;
  2. evaluate each innovation using a custom SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to determine its viability;
  3. provide free legal advice to qualified innovators towards de-risking the innovation using our legal expertise and pragmatic insight particularly regarding intellectual-property protection and business structure;
  4. assist in getting support from both private and public sector for each successfully evaluated innovation through targeted proposals and structured public appeals; and
  5. provide special legal support as each innovation becomes a viable product or service in the marketplace.


The GreenWhiteGreen Startup Kit: Starting Small to Grow Big

Innovators need to protect their innovations and business ideas otherwise they risk losing their innovations or failing altogether. This is why innovators need all the legal support and guide they can get, whether they are starting big or small.

Often times, innovations start small and gradually scale to become big. With GreenWhiteGreen Startup Kit, GreenWhiteGreen Initiative covers “greenhorns” all the way. This startup kit will contain the basic legal documents Infusion Lawyers will prepare and make available to innovators under the GreenWhiteGreen Initiative. This startup kit would be made available to the innovators who qualify for the Initiative either before or after funding is secured, depending on the nature, scope, and stage of their innovations.

The Initiative also comes with free legal advice on intellectual property strategy and business formation.


How Innovators Can Apply

If you have a homegrown innovation (Made in Nigeria) and you wish to get support to help you grow your innovation, GreenWhiteGreen Initiative can help. Applications are welcomed from any industry as far as your innovation is homegrown. To apply, please complete and submit online application form here

To ensure that the purpose of this initiative is achieved, all applications are subject to review.


Collaborators, partners, and sponsors are welcomed.

GreenWhiteGreen Initiative will benefit innovators, the sectors their innovations are targeted at, and the country as a whole. These innovations will help build local contents, promote technology transfer, stimulate entrepreneurship, create jobs, and expand opportunities in Nigeria, gradually creating a value chain in the country fed by innovation.

We welcome collaborators, partners, and sponsors—from both private and public sectors—to be part of GreenWhiteGreen Initiative. For collaboration, partnership, or support, please email with the subject title, GreenWhiteGreen: Support. We will happy to hear from you.

For more about GreenWhiteGreen Initiative, download PDF here: GreenWhiteGreen Initiative