From the invention of personal computers to mobile technology; from the Internet to nano robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI); and from 3D printing to the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is constantly changing the way we live and the way we work.

In the heart of today’s success stories in Africa and around the world, you will find entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. From what African movies and music used to be in the 90s to today’s fast-growing entertainment industry; from the picture of street-hawking and road-side businesses in the streets of Africa to today’s ecommerce sites and startups springing up everywhere; innovation is changing the way we see entertainers and entrepreneurs in Africa.

Exploring, protecting, and maximizing today’s innovations require that tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups in Africa are not just telling their success stories but also turning these stories to their biggest intellectual assets. This will help them maximize value, create opportunities, and open up new possibilities for Africa and the world.

This is why we founded Infusion Lawyers. 

By combining the two most powerful tools in the 21st century—Information Technology (IT) and Intellectual Property (IP)—Infusion Lawyers infuses something new, unleashing the potentials of tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups.

We are IP & IT Lawyers. We are Infusion Lawyers. Let’s help you navigate today’s exciting challenges and opportunities. Then YOU too can have a success story that lifts everyone, reaches everywhere, and changes everything.

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Tech Entrepreneurs

Are you a tech entrepreneur building an app or a web-based solution for the next big thing in tech? Are you sourcing and using technology safely and securely to protect yourself and business? Are you exposing your best assets—intellectual property—to the risk of being stolen or simply untapped? Even if you are already the biggest thing in tech, are you maximizing your intellectual property to increase value and expand opportunities? Infusion Lawyers will work with you to put you on track.

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Are you an innovator working on a technology that will solve the problem people need solutions to? Is your invention new or an improvement on an existing process? Do you work as an independent innovator or in a research & development (R & D) institution? You need legal advice on how to get the best from your invention. Infusion Lawyers will not only help you protect your invention but also provide ways of maximizing your innovation, thus benefiting yourself and enriching lives.

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Are you a startup aiming to meet a marketplace need with the innovative product or service you are developing? Whether you are researching your target market, building your first minimum viable product (MVP), or already operating your business, Infusion Lawyers will provide all you need to get started and keep going. From partnership agreements to business formation; venture-capital advisory support to intellectual-property management, we infuse all these into our services for startups as yours.

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